How to Set Up Your Goals In Google Analytics

This post comes a little late. In our excitement about multi-channel funnels, I now realize that we had never post about setting up Goals in Google Analytics. So although it is a little late, I hope that you will find the information useful.

So in this post we will explain what goals are and how you can set them up in your Google Analytics account. We will get more explicit about setting up goals in future posts, for now we just want to cover the basics so you can get started.

Generically, Goals are a way that you as a website owner, SEO, conversion specialist, whatever your title is, you can track the objectives or desired outcomes for your web property in Analytics. When you look at conversion and tracking conversion of your visitors on your website, there is a measurable action a desired outcome that you are looking for. Goals will correspond to

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these actions which are to be performed by your site’s visitors. So perhaps you have a web design business and your ultimate goal is to receive inquiries through the contact forms that you have strategically placed throughout your website. So your ultimate goal is to have the contact forms completed successfully by those visitors that would like to know more about your Denver web design services. Your goal will start with actions that are directly associated with the end outcome. So each action a visitor takes to successfully complete the desired outcome will be part of the “Goal Funnel”.