Is blogging a waste of my time? It doesn’t seem to matter which organization or company that I speak to about blogging, the importance of it seems to be lost in translation. I can tell you that blogging for our Denver SEO company isextremely time-consuming, and a task that we have definitely not invested as much time into our blogging projects is I think we should have.

When it comes to e-mail newsletters, or Facebook our search engine optimization customers do not seem to have any issue reaching out to their customer base this way. Imagine if you could take an e-mail blast, discussion board mixed with a little viral marketing to communicate with your customer base. Unlike a newsletter that often times is deleted, a blog is more permanent nature and can be referred to not only buy organic visitors but by your customers as well. Then take all of that (e-mail blast, discussion board, viral marketing) and wrap it up into a very low costs extremely easy to use dynamic website. That is effective corporate blogging.

Many of the customers that I talk to and prospective customers that I talked to complain about the ability to update their website, yet most have an issue investing the time once per day or per week to blog. Blogging is perhaps one of the best way to build links back into your website and offer your customers and the search engines up-to-date information on your products and services while adding more value to your website. Of course I’m not referring to any type of internal blog for your company, I’m talking only about your corporate public blog.

Image result for blogWill that’s all great and good, but how many courses will you have to take to learn how to blog properly? I guess when it comes down to learning anything new we are all hesitant to invest the time that it takes to learn about it. The fact of the matter is that I have been able to teach most of my clients to blog with and about one hour. Now I’m talking about the actual technical part of blogging. What will they write about? That is a question they must answer on their own. It is perhaps the second most popular question I get asked about.